UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana 2024, Application Form, Benefits & Eligibility

UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana:- Crimes such as female foeticide are committed as a result of society’s negative attitude towards daughters. The government runs a variety of programs to enhance this way of thinking. The Uttar Pradesh government also oversees the UP Bhagyalakshmi Scheme. The Uttar Pradesh Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana offers girls from economically disadvantaged homes an amount of Rs 50,000 from the government. In addition to this, the mother of the daughter receives Rs 5100. You will learn how to fill out the application for the UP Bhagya Lakshmi Scheme by reading this article. In addition, this post will provide you with details regarding the purpose, advantages, characteristics, and eligibility of UP Bhagya Yojna 2024.


UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana 2024

The program stipulates that the beneficiary must have a bank account since the money awarded by the Uttar Pradesh government would be deposited into it. The parents will receive Rs 3,000 when the daughter enters class 6 under the UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana 2024, Rs 5000 in class 8, Rs 7,000 in class 10, and Rs 8,000 in class 12. Under this scheme. The girl’s parents would receive financial assistance totaling Rs 2 lakh until the girl turns 21. They won’t be able to profit from the Uttar Pradesh Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2024 till after that.

Information about UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

Name of the schemeUP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana
Started byBy Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath
DepartmentWomen and Child Development Department
Beneficiarystate girls
ObjectiveProviding financial assistance to girls
Official websitehttp://mahilakalyan.up.nic.in/

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UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

The objective of the UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

Many people in our nation are unable to raise their daughters or send them to a university when they are born. Their financial situation is a significant contributing factor to this. The Uttar Pradesh state government launched the UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana in response to the state’s economic woes to help its residents. The state government launched this program to change the state’s negative perception of daughters. This method is expected to help prevent female foeticide from being criminalized. The UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana aims to improve daughters’ quality of life and provide financial support to girls from birth to get an education. Furthermore, with the implementation of the UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana, marrying daughters won’t be as tough.

Features of the UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

There is something unique about this state-sponsored program for daughters’ welfare. whose information is provided below.

Development of poor girls:

Improving the circumstances of underprivileged girls is the primary goal of this program. Girls won’t strain the family financially if the state government provides for them.

Name of newborn baby bond:

To ensure that a girl kid has no issues in the future, the state government will deposit a total of Rs 50,000 into her bank account upon her birth.

Mother’s financial help:

The girl’s mother will receive financial assistance of Rs 5100 in her bank account as soon as the girl’s parents submit the birth certificate and other required documentation of the girl’s birth.

Continuous financial support for education:

The state government wants to make sure that a girl’s right to an education is never compromised. He ought to have unhindered access to equal educational possibilities. To prevent misuse and ensure that the girl’s education runs without a hitch, the state government deposits the money straight into her bank account.

Help for treatment:

If a candidate becomes unwell, the state government has made sure he receives medical attention. The UP government is willing to provide financial help for Rs 25,000 for this.

Financial assistance on marriage:

A girl will receive Rs 2 lakh for her marriage at the age of 21.

Assistance to the family in case of normal death:

Should a girl kid enrolled in this initiative pass away from an illness, the UP government will provide her family with cash support worth Rs 42,500.

Assistance to the family in case of accidental death:

If a girl registered in this initiative passes away unexpectedly in a car accident, her family would receive Rs 1 lakh in financial support from the state government.

Two girls from each family:

A family may only register two females under this plan.

UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana


  • This effort will help the economically disadvantaged daughters of state families.
  • Under the UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana 2024, a daughter’s account would receive Rs 50000 upon her birth, and her mother would also receive Rs 5100 in financial support.
  • In addition, the daughter will receive Rs 3,000 when she enters class 6, Rs 5,000 when she enters class 8, Rs 7,000 when she enters class 10, and Rs 8,000 when she enrolls in class 12.
  • The government would give the girl’s parents Rs 2 lakh when she is 21 years old.
  • Only two daughters per family will be provided under this arrangement.
  • The girl needs to enlist in a government school to receive an education.
  • Girls’ educational attainment will rise.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the primary requirements set forth by the state government for participation in this project:

  • Applying to this initiative is limited to Uttar Pradesh natives exclusively, as it was initiated by the state government. We will not accept applications from any other state.
  • The program already makes it clear that only girls from low-income households are eligible to apply.
  • Families are not eligible to qualify for this initiative if their annual income exceeds Rs 2 lakh.
  • The newborn girl’s birth certificate is needed to get program benefits.
  • Girls who are enrolled are not allowed to marry before they turn eighteen.
  • Girls who sign up for this program can attend any government school to receive their education.
  • Two daughters from the same household may register under this program.
  • There should be no child work involving girls under this program.
  • To participate in the plan, the girl needs to have a bank account where the funds will be directly deposited into her account.

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Amount of support provided under the program based on educational attainment

The girls’ accounts are immediately credited with the lump sum financial assistance amount under the Bhagyalakshmi system once they are accepted into the approved classes, which span from sixth to twelfth grade.

Serial NumberClassFinancial funds
16th claasThree thousand rupees
28th ClassFive thousand rupees
310th ClassSeven thousand rupees
412th ClassEight thousand rupees

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card of parents
  • Address proof
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • To participate in Bhagyalakshmi Yojana, the birth certificate of the girl From the hospital where the daughter was born.
  • Bank account passbook
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo
UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

How can one apply for the 2024 UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana?

  • The candidate must first visit the Uttar Pradesh Women and Child Development Department’s official website.
  • You must obtain the UP Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana Application Form PDF from the official website.
  • Once the PDF has been downloaded, you must fill out the application form with all the requested information, including the BAT’s name and birthdate.
  • You must attach all of your supporting documentation to the application form once you have completed all the fields.
  • After that, you must deliver your application to the Women’s Welfare Department office or the Anganwadi center that is closest to you. This will finish up your application.


  • The Official Website must be seen first.
  • After visiting the official website, you will be taken to the home page.
  • The Contact option that appears on this home page must be chosen.
  • When you select the option, the next page will appear in front of you. This page has links to contact us. You can use this connection.

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Q.) What is the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme 2024 for Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Numerous social programs are operated by the UP state government girls. Among these is the UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana. The UP government offers a bond of Rs 50,000 and Rs 51 to the mother of a girl child born under this plan. The bond matures to Rs 2 lakh after 21 years, which makes it unique.

Q.) For whom is the Bhagyalakshmi Scheme eligible?

Ans. The family income of the candidate must be more than Rs 2 lakh per year. Birth enrollment should occur up to a year after the child’s birth, and birth certificates must be submitted. A girl cannot get married before she turns 18 according to the UP Bhagya Laxmi Yojana 2024.

Q.) How can I apply to be eligible for the Bhagya Laxmi Yojana benefits?

Ans. It is mandatory that you apply online to receive the advantages of this plan, and you must have the required documentation to submit the online application.

Q.) How many of the family’s daughters are eligible for this program’s benefits?

Ans. A family can only profit from Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2024 if both of its daughters qualify.

Q.) What characteristics does the UP Lakshmi Yojana have?

Ans. Families wishing to enlist to receive the benefits of the Uttar Pradesh Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2024 would have to pay for all of their educational costs, according to the UP government. The government will assist in the female child’s care as well. The state government in that place may also pay for the marriage-related costs of eligible girls.

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