YEIDA Plot Scheme

YEIDA Plot Scheme (2024), Online Registration, Eligibility, Plot Price, Details

YEIDA Plot Scheme:- The Plot Scheme of YEIDA The Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority announced the distribution of flats in Noida and New Delhi. Since the plan’s launch on June 30th, significant contracts have been signed for the plots. This page explains the qualifications and application procedure for the Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority Plot Scheme 2024. We’ll also try to cover every aspect of the Plot scheme and go into great detail on the YEIDA System 2024.


YEIDA Plot Scheme 2024

The official Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority, or YEIDA, has released the flat distribution for 2024. The project was presented on June 30, the same day that applications for the flat distribution opened. Under the YEIDA Plot Scheme, individual users can get plots for institutional and industrial use. Plots in Greater Noida’s sectors 29, 32, and 33 are available from YEIDA. The future airport is not far from these plots. The lottery for allocation will take place on November 15.

YEIDA Plot Scheme

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Details of the YEIDA Residential Plot Scheme

Name of the schemeYEIDA Plot Scheme
Initiated byYEIDA
The objective of the schemeTo provide plots
Total plots477
LocationGreater Noida’s sectors 29, 32, and 33
Applying Process       Online
Online application date7 September to 7 October

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority Plot Features

  • Prior to this, the Authority had set up a store and a kiosk near Noida International Airport. In the current project, some of the plots are new, but some are recycled from earlier projects.
  • When submitting an application via the Authority’s website, the applicant must deposit ten percent of the entire cost of the plot.
  • There will be multiple payment options.
  • Plot distribution will go to the first person who pays in full, then to the next who pays half the total cost upfront and the remaining balance over time.
  • The least preferred option will go to those who decide to pay 30% of the total amount in one lump sum and 70% in installments.
  • Plots with the greatest area, 262, are 120 square meters. Plots measuring 67, 200, 56, 162, 90, and 60 square meters come after them.
  • There are just four 2,000 square meters, eight 1,000 square meters, and five 500 square meters of available site space.

Available Plots Details

The whole description of the plots that are for sale is provided below.

  • Total Plots: There are 477 plots available for purchase under this scheme.
  • Plot sizes: There are two types of plots: 60 and 2000 square meters. Plots range in size from 60 to 2000 square meters, with sizes ranging from 162 to 200 square meters.
  • Scheme Opening Date: On July 9, 2022, you can submit an online application for the YEIDA residential plot scheme.
  • The deadline for registering is July 10, 2022, at the latest.
  • The draw date or allocation Allocation will take place on November 15, 2022, using drawings.
  • Three different ways to make payments are available:
  • Plan for Down Payment: a single, lump-sum payout.
  • Plan 50:50: 50% paid up front, the remaining amount due in installments
  • Plan 30:70: 30% upfront, remaining balance due in installments

Note: Preference will be given to those who choose the one-time lump-sum payment option.

YEIDA Plot Scheme

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YEIDA Plot Scheme Eligibility Requirements

Before submitting an application for the program, candidates must meet the qualifying requirements listed below.

  • An Indian national is required for the position.
  • No more plots or apartments should have been awarded to the applicant in the past.
  • In order to be eligible to apply, the candidate must be of sound mind, able to engage in contracts, and not legally prohibited.
  • In order to apply, the candidate must be of legal age and at least eighteen.
  • A candidate, their spouse, or any dependant child may request a maximum of one plot or apartment.

Procedure for YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 Allotment

Residential plots under YEIDA will be distributed through a lottery, subject to the number of applications received. There are going to be distinct draws for every category. Furthermore, the draw will take place according to the selected payment plan. For instance, applicants who choose Option 1 will go through to Option 2, and so on, until Option 3.

The winning applicants will receive allocation notifications from YEIDA within 30 days of the e-auction. Payment for the total plot fee for the residential scheme must be made within 60 days, but the shop/kiosk plot plan has a 90-day window beginning on the day the assignment letter is sent out.

YEIDA Plot Scheme Application Procedure

Application forms are available at the specified bank locations upon payment of the application fee. The Yamuna Authority website offers application forms for download as well as the option to pay online. The following bank locations must receive a properly filled application form and a 10% registration fee before the program closes. The registration fee must be paid to the Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority by demand draft or pay order made payable to New Delhi, Noida, or Greater Noida.

YEIDA Plot Scheme Draw Results

  • View the YEIDA layout scheme and draw results by going to the official website.
YEIDA Plot Scheme
  • The RPS05 Scheme Draw Result List option needs to be selected on the homepage at this point.
  • This will direct you to a new page that contains an application.
  • The number on this application form needs to be filled out.
  • Making the search option selection is the next step.
  • You will see the list of draw outcomes on your device.

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Q. What is the 2024 plot scheme for Yamuna Motorway?

Ans- Noida: The Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) launched a residential land project for January–February 2024 following the success of the previous residential plot scheme. The council intends to give more than 2,000 residential plots in a range of sizes under this initiative.

Q. What is the plan for the future Yida plot?

Ans- YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023: Qualifications, Procedure, and Funding…
It’s possible that the new YEIDA plot scheme may launch in January or February 2024. The reports claim that the YEIDA may provide more than 2000 residential plots under the new plot program. The new YEIDA plots plan would have plots close to Noida International Airport.

Q. Is purchasing Yeida plots a wise investment?

Ans- Reasonably priced: YEIDA plots are more accessible to a wider range of individuals due to their comparatively lower cost when compared to other plots in the vicinity. Good infrastructure: The neighborhood is a desirable place to reside thanks to YEIDA’s development of the roads, water supply, and power supply.

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