EWS Certificate Application Form

EWS Certificate Application Form, Application Process, Eligibility & Documents

EWS Certificate Application Form:- A public category is a Depressed and Economically Weak Section (EWS). Low-income households can reserve housing through the EWS certification. EWS might be a subtype of bookings. A sample reservation plan for the 2019 EWS Certificate Application Form is provided below. The Indian central government works to provide possibilities for employment, financial assistance, high-quality education, and other necessities to members of lower-income groups. However, citizens must apply for an “EWS Certificate” that is endorsed by the Indian government to utilize these benefits. The Indian government then issues the certificate to the citizen following the application’s verification. We will discover the definition of the EWS Certificate, as well as its goals and advantages, in today’s article.


EWS Certificate 2024

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar introduced reservation criteria to the Indian Constitution in 1950 to empower the weaker sections of society, including the Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Backward Classes (BCs), and Economically Weak Classes (EWS). These groups were given the chance to express their rights and reveal hidden abilities as a result. Indian citizens must meet the requirements to be eligible for an EWS certificate. On January 12, 2019, the Indian President signed the EWS Law into law. Gujarat passed this law on January 14. Through the EWS Certificate, those who fulfill the qualifications may be eligible for a 10% direct enrollment reservation for common posts and administrations.

Essentially, to be eligible for the 10% EWS reservation in any government work or higher education, candidates must have a valid EWS Certificate issued by the appropriate authorities. To take advantage of the reservation, you must do this. This qualification is up to current and valid for life, but it has to be renewed. This Income and Asset Certificate needs to be updated after a year of validity.

Details of the Economically Weaker Section Certificate in the Summary

Launched by The Central Government of India
Reservation CategoryEconomically Weaker Sections (EWS)
Certificate NameEWS Certificate
Objective10% reservation in jobs, institutions
Application Online/Offline
Certificate expiryAfter a year, it needs to be validated.
Official Websitehttps://services.india.gov.in/

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EWS Certificate Application Form

Objectives EWS Certificate Application

The goal of EWS is to help the nation’s poorest residents in every way possible. A sizable portion of the population in this country does not fall into any of the scheduled castes, but their economic situation is nevertheless appalling. People who belong to this wide category and are in unstable financial situations may be eligible for a 10% reservation benefit provided they hold an official government-issued EWS certificate. The candidate can only be approved for an EWS reservation if he possesses a valid certificate attesting to his income and property. This certificate also makes the candidate eligible for several other government programs, employment, and education.

Benefits EWS Certificate Application

After completing an application for the EWS Certificate, candidates will receive a list of some of the most significant benefits of the certificate.

  • As it relates to various government programs, candidates can ask questions about their rights.
  • The reserve will also provide aid to those who require it financially.
  • Every central institution under the UGC’s purview is required to adhere to the EWS reservation policy and provide seats to EWS students.
  • Furthermore, the applicant can qualify for a specific amount of funding for the initiatives that the federal and state governments run to improve the lives of the people.


  • EWS reservation rules apply to Indian citizens who do not meet the standards of SC, ST, or OBC reservations and whose annual household gross income is less than Rs. 8 lakh.
  • There is just one general category for EWS.
  • A beneficiary is seen as belonging to the broad category.
  • It is advised that your yearly income not exceed Rs. 8 lakhs (single digits only).
  • Less Than Five Acres of Land Used for Agriculture (five acres).
  • It is a residential floor area of less than a thousand square feet.
  • A residential plot area of no more than one hundred square yards is advised.

Documents Needed for the EWS Certificate Application Form

The identifying documents needed to obtain an EWS certificate are listed below.

  • For identification, Aadhar is a must.
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Every educational record, including grades and advanced certificates, as well as certificates from two distinct Gazette officials.
  • 1551 and the Payment Photographs for Income Tax Returns
  • Food card
  • Certificate of residence
  • A two-dollar court stamp charge is required when the application form is properly completed.
  • A government order mandates that a non-judicial document declaration charge of Rs. 10/-be paid.
EWS Certificate Application Form

How to Apply for an EWS Certificate Application Form Online

  • The first step is to visit the home page of the official website for the AP Meeseva portal. The website’s homepage will open in front of you when you click this once more.
  • You must include “Revenue Department” as one of the options that can be chosen from the website’s homepage. A new page will load in the window in front of you when you click this.
  • On this page, you can view the complete list of services provided by the Revenue Department. To select the INCOME CERTIFICATE option, use the drop-down menu.
  • At this point, a new page should have appeared in front of you with the application form on it.
  • Fill out this application by entering all the requested data, such as your full name, your spouse’s and/or parents’ names, your UID number, your gender, age, and DOB.
  • Once the required documents have been uploaded, navigate to the “Show Payment” page. To finish the payment confirmation process, make your payment and then click the “Confirm Payment” button.
  • In this manner, the EWS application procedure will be finished, and you will be able to monitor the progress of your application online for approval.

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The offline application method for EWS certificates

  • As soon as possible, you should start by visiting the nearby “meeseva center” because there is no other way to apply for EWS except offline.
  • Now, obtain the Advanced Placement Examination Writing Section application form from the assigned authority.
  • Next, make sure that this EWS Application Form is formatted appropriately and that your handwriting is readable. Using a ballpoint pen, fill out the application.
  • After that, attach all required documents, as mentioned in the documents needed section above. Don’t forget to certify your scans of documents.
  • Lastly, give this fully completed form to the Meeseva Center’s communication coordinator.

New Registration for the Economically Weaker Section Certificate

  • You must visit the EWS’s official website first. The homepage will then fully load in front of you after that.
  • To proceed, you must select the New Registration option on the homepage.
  • A new page will load in the window in front of you when you click this. Beginning of Registration
  • You must enter all of the requested information on this page. Right now, you have to select the “submit” option from the menu.
  • The process of registering as a new user will end as soon as you select the “submit” option on the form that has been displayed to you. This method can now be used to register your new business.
EWS Certificate Application Form

How Can I View the Status of My EWS Certificate?

By clicking on the corresponding state-specific websites, applicants can check the status of their EWS certificate application online. The official portals to verify the status of an EWS certificate application are as follows:

State Portal name 
Andhra Pradesh Meeseva app 
Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal eServices portal 
Assam Assam state portal 
Bihar RTPS portal 
Chandigarh e-district portal 
Chhattisgarh e-district portal 
Delhi e-district portal 
Gujarat Digital Gujarat portal 
Haryana e-Disha portal 
Himachal Pradesh Himachal Online Seva 
Jammu and Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir State e-Services 
Jharkhand Jharkhand e-District   
Madhya Pradesh MP e-District portal 
Maharashtra Aaple Sarkar portal   
Manipur e-District portal   
Meghalaya e-District portal   
Mizoram e-District portal   
Nagaland e-District portal   
Odisha e-District portal   
Punjab State portal of Punjab 
Rajasthan e-Mitra portal   
Sikkim e-Services 
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu e-Sevai 
Telangana MeeSeva portal 
Tripura e-District portal 
Uttarakhand e-District portal 
Uttar Pradesh e-Saathi web portal 
West Bengal West Bengal e-District 

What distinguishes the OBC Certificate from the EWS Certificate?

The distinctions between an OBC certificate and an EWS certificate are as follows:

Parameters EWS Certificate Only for General class aspirants with an income of Rs.8 lakh per annum 
Applicable for  Economically Weaker Section Other Backward Classes 
Age relaxation Yes No 
Reservation 10% 27% 
Annual Income Only for General class aspirants with an income Rs.8 lakh per annum SC, ST, and OBC aspirants with income less than Rs.8 lakh per annum 

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FAQs On the EWS Certificate Application Form

Q.) What is the EWS Certificate’s complete form?

Ans. Economic Weaker Section, or EWS for short, is a Category Reservation-related term.

Q.) What are the application fees for an EWS certificate?

Ans. The cost of the EWS certificate ranges from Rs. 10 to Rs. 50, plus a court stamp charge of Rs. 2. The registration fee is state-specific.

Q.) How long is the EWS certificate valid?

Ans. Generally speaking, the EWS certificate is valid for a year from the date of issuance; however, this can vary according to the state’s designated authority. Before using their EWS certificate, candidates must additionally confirm that their asset or income certificate is legitimate.

Q.) Is it possible to retrieve a forgotten or lost password?

Ans. Yes, by using the official portal, you can retrieve a forgotten or lost password. Applicants must select “Forgotten password” and then input their user ID, password, and captcha. To reset your password, click the “Get OTP” button to obtain the OTP, then input it and the new password.

Q.) How long does it take to process an EWS certificate application?

Ans. The processing of an EWS certificate application takes up to 21 days from the date of submission.

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