Jammu Kashmir Land Records

Jammu Kashmir Land Records, Registration, Purpose & Benefit

Jammu Kashmir Land Records:- The Indian government has started a program to modernize the digitized India Land records, as you may all be aware. All of the nation’s land records are accessible online as part of this program. A portal for Jammu Kashmir Land Records has also been launched by the state government of Jammu and Kashmir. The land record data of the inhabitants of J&K can be accessed through the landrecords.jk.gov.in portal. Every significant facet of the J&K land records site is covered in this article. By reading this post, you will learn how to view your J&K Land Records. In addition, you will receive information on the purpose, advantages, features, eligibility, necessary paperwork, application process, and other aspects of property records.


Jammu Kashmir Land Record 2024

Through its website, the Land Record Information System (LRIS), the State government oversees and maintains land records in Jammu and Kashmir. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have easy access to data and information on land records in J&K thanks to this webpage. Similar to all other Indian states, J&K updated its land records in an attempt to drastically cut down on the number of people visiting government offices. The technology gives the people of J&K full access to land records. This preserves transparency and integrity while cutting down on effort and saving a tonne of time.

Jammu & Kashmir Land Records Details

Name Of The SchemeJammu Kashmir Land Record
Launched ByGovernment Of Jammu And Kashmir
BeneficiaryCitizens Of Jammu And Kashmir
ObjectiveTo Make Available Land Record Data To The Citizens
Official Websitehttps://landrecords.jk.gov.in/
Mode Of ApplicationOnline

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Objectives Of The J&K Land Records Programme

The JK land records initiative has set out the following objectives:

  • Centralising Land Records: The main objective is to compile all of the land-related data in Jammu and Kashmir and keep it organized in one place.
  • Online Access for People: Providing Jammu & Kashmir people with the convenience of online access to their land records is another goal.
  • Increasing Transparency: Another goal of the program is to make the land record management system more accountable and transparent by increasing its transparency.

Features And Advantages Of J&K Land Records

  • The Land Record Information System is a portal that the Jammu and Kashmir government has just launched.
  • The people of J&K can view their land records by using this portal.
  • Under the Jammu Kashmir Land Records Modernization Programme, this portal has been launched.
  • All of the data about the Union Territory’s land records are now accessible online under this program.
  • Citizens can now obtain information about land records without having to visit any government agencies.
  • All they have to do is go to the official website, where they may obtain all the information about land records.
  • Many hours will be saved by this approach.
  • The portal’s deployment will modernize land records administration and lessen the likelihood of property or land-related conflicts.
  • Additionally, this method will improve the land records management system’s transparency.
Jammu Kashmir Land Records

The Value Of Online Access To Land Records

In recent years, it has become more and more vital to access land records online. This is caused by several things, such as:

  • Convenience: Anywhere there is an internet connection, Revenue Departments can view land records online. People no longer have to travel to government offices to get land records, which saves time and effort.
  • Transparency: Compared to traditional land records, online land records are more transparent. This is as a result of their digitization and public accessibility. This facilitates the process of confirming the legitimacy of land records and identifying fraudulent activity.
  • Efficiency: Compared to traditional land records, online land records can be completed more quickly. This is as a result of their digitization and technological accessibility. Both the public and the government benefit from these time and cost savings.

How to Search the Land Records of Jammu and Kashmir

The public can register or create login credentials on the JK Land Records Information System Portal using the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the Official Website: Visit the Jammu & Kashmir Land Record Information System Portal’s official website first.
  • Navigating to the Login Page: Once at the portal’s home page, find and select the “Login” link.
  • Choose Public User: Make sure you select the “Public User” option on the login page.
  • Create a New Account: To begin the registration process, locate the “New Account” option and click on it.
  • Fill out the Registration Form: On your screen, a registration form will show up. Fill out the application form with all the details that are required, such as:
  • Name of Yours
  • Phone No.
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Household Location
  • Tehsil (sub-district), Village, and District
  • Caller Name
  • Password: This will be how you log into the portal.
  • Verify Your Password
  • Fill out the application form with all of the required details, such as: Accept the following terms and conditions: Click the option to accept the terms and conditions after entering all required information.
  • Sign Up: To finalize your registration on the portal as a public user, click the “Sign Up” button.

How To Locate Land Records Online

Here is a short guide on how to look up land records in Jammu & Kashmir online:

  • Go to the Official Website: Visit the Jammu and Kashmir Land Record Information System Portal’s official website to get started.
  • To access online land records, navigate to the “Search Land Record” option (called “Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani” in Hindi) on the portal’s homepage.
  • Click on the “Land Records” tab to select Land Records.
  • Select Your Spot: Your screen will change to a new page. This is where you select your village, tehsil (sub-district), and district from the list of alternatives.
  • Start the Search: Click the “Search” button after choosing your location.
  • Access Land Records: A screen displaying the pertinent land records for the location you have selected will now appear.
  • Get the Records Here: Click the given PDF icon to save or print the records.

How to Access The Land Records Portal in Jammu and Kashmir

Use these methods to get into your account on the Jammu & Kashmir Land Record Information System Portal:

  • Start by going to the portal’s main webpage.
  • Find and select the “Login” option on the homepage.
  • The following options will be shown to you for user type selection:
  • Administrator User
  • Agency Participant
  • Modifying the User
  • General Public User
  • Outside User
  • A form for login will show up when you’ve chosen your user type.
  • After inputting your login details, select “Log in.”

How To Search For A Land Parcel

The steps to look for land parcels via the portal are as follows:

  • To begin, visit the official website of the Jammu & Kashmir Land Record Information System Portal.
  • On the homepage, look for the “Search Land Record” option (known as “Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani” in Hindi) and click on it.
  • For now, choose “Land Parcel Search.”
  • Decide Jamabandi, Tehsil, Village and District.
  • Click “Search” to begin.
  • All of the data related to the land lot will be shown on your screen.

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Get Online Land Parcel Maps in Jammu & Kashmir

You can quickly access the map of a particular land parcel in Jammu and Kashmir by completing these steps and providing its Khasra number:

Go to the Official Land Records J&K Website as the first step.

Start by visiting the official Jammu and Kashmir Land Records website.

Step 2: Select “View Map.”

Find and click the ‘View Map’ button on the home page of the website.

Step 3: Go to the Portal for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The ‘Geographical Information System’ (GIS) interface will be opened for you.

Select ‘Universal Search’ in step 4.

On the left side of the portal, look for and pick the ‘Universal Search’ option.

Use the Search Bar in Step 5.

There will be a search bar visible. Enter the Khewat or Khasra number of the land lot you wish to view in this bar.

Step 6: Select ‘Search’.

Click ‘Search’ once you have entered the Khasra number.

Step 7: Examine the Asset

Properties in different villages that match the entered Khasra number will be listed by the system. When you select the property valuation, a map of the individual parcel of land will appear on your screen.

These instructions will make it simple for you to use the Khasra number to see land parcel maps online in Jammu and Kashmir.

How to Connect Aadhaar to Land Records in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Go to the Land Record Portal’s main webpage.
  • The main page will appear in front of you
  • You must click on Search Land Record on the homepage.
  • You must now click the Aadhar link.
  • You’ll be presented with a new page.
  • Among the options on this page are a location, tehsil, village, year, mobile number, Aadhar number, etc.
  • Uploading the Aadhaar document is the next step. After that, you have to select the check box and input the captcha code.
  • The next action is to click “Submit.”
  • Will allow you to link your Aadhaar.
Jammu Kashmir Land Records

Provide Input/Complaints

  • Visit the Land Record Portal’s main website.
  • The main page will appear in front of you
  • You must now click on “Search Land Record.”
  • Next, you must select “feedback” or “grievance.”
  • A feedback form will show up.
  • The feedback type, subject, district, tehsil, village, email address, mobile number, address, feedback, attachment, and captcha code must all be entered in this feedback form.
  • You must press the submit button.
  • This process allows you to provide feedback.

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Q.) How can I obtain my passbook for J&K Land?

Ans. An online Land Passbook J&K Application form is available for download. Complete the form with the necessary information, then send it to the Tehsildar’s office. To receive the passbook, you will need to pay Rs 100.

Q.) How can I find out more about my land in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans. To locate the necessary land record details, go to the J&K Land Records Portal (JK Bhulekh).

Q.) Are land records available offline also?

Ans. Yes, by submitting the required forms, one can access the land records offline as well.

Q.) Does Jammu and Kashmir have a price for accessing land records?

Ans. No, there is no charge to access the land records.

Q.) What does the JK Land Revenue Act’s Section 15 mean?

Ans. According to Section 15 of the J&K Land Revenue Act, 1. The Financial Commissioner may request the case file for any ongoing cases that are being handled by him or his subordinates.2. The Commissioner may recommend changes or additions to the documentation.

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