Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024

Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024: Benefits, Objective, Eligibility & All Information

Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024: The government is always working to give girls more authority. The government periodically introduces several initiatives to address this. The Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana is one such program that the Bihar government created, and we will be providing you with more information about it today. You may learn everything there is to know about this strategy by reading this article. Examples include the definition of the Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana, as well as information on its characteristics, eligibility requirements, benefits, and applications. Friends, we kindly ask that you read this post through to the conclusion to obtain all of the pertinent information regarding the Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana.

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Mukhyamantri Kanya Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024

Mukhyamantri Kanya Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024: The government of Bihar started this program to help women in the country who want to pursue similar training. The girls will get around ₹ 50,000 as per this arrangement, which they will use to maintain themselves till they graduate. They may get this amount in instalments from the moment of their birth until they receive their graduation. Approximately 1.50 crore females will benefit from this program. The Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana only bestows blessings to a select group of relatives’ daughters. The purchase of sanitary napkins and uniforms below this application will each get payment from the Authorities. Click to have access to all statistics about the “Stree Swabhiman Yojana”.

Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024

For female students who are not eligible for the benefits of the Kanya Utthan Yojana, the Education Department has extended the deadline for applications. Girls students may now apply until March 31st to take advantage of this scheme’s perks. Please be aware that applications are only open to female graduates of 2017–20 and 2018–21 academic years at universities with government approval. Thousands of female university students were reportedly denied the chance to apply, according to information obtained by the Education Department. The website does not include the statistics for individuals whose scores were later improved. These female students have also expressed their displeasure with the Kanya Utthan Yojana, claiming that their names have not been included on the website. As stated

Information about Mukhyamantri Kanya Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024

Name of the SchemeMukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana
Launched byChief Minister Nitish Kumar
DepartmentWomen Welfare Department
Start date to applyAvailable now
Last date to applynot declared
TargetTo empower girl students
Beneficiarystate girls
Scheme Typestate government scheme
Application SystemOnline
official website

Benefits of Bihar Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana

The following details pertain to the advantages that the female applicant would receive under Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana.

  • The Bihar Chief Minister started the Kanya Utthan Yojana to empower the state’s female citizens and help them finish their higher education.
  • The government offers a female kid participating in this initiative a total of Rs 54100 in financial help from the time of her birth till the end of her graduation.
  • Depending on the female child’s class, the government will distribute the aid amount in different instalments.
  • Under the programme, females who apply will receive financial aid of Rs 10,000 upon clearing intermediate school and Rs 25,000 upon graduating.
  • The strategy calls for educating daughters, putting a stop to prejudice against them, and setting them up for future independence.
  • 1.60 Under the Kanya Utthan Yojana

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Objective of Kanya Uthan Yojana

The Bihar government launched the Kanya Utthan Yojana with the primary goal of bettering the lives of the state’s females and giving them financial assistance to pursue higher education. As is common knowledge, a large number of families in the nation are struggling financially, so they either do not send their girls to school or do not spend much on their education, forcing them to participate in terrible customs like child marriage before their time. As a result, a lot of girls struggle throughout their lives as they are dependent on others and are not self-sufficient. To alleviate the situation, the Bihar government offers the girls financial support through the Kanya Utthan Yojana.

Installment given under Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana

Under the program, the government provides financial aid to girls in the state in various payments from the time of their birth until they receive a diploma. The details of each instalment are shown below.

  • Upon a daughter’s birth: Rs. 2000
  • At the end of the year: Rs 1000
  • After two years (after immunization), Rs. 2000
  • Each year, per class (1-2 costumes), Rs 600
  • For class (three to five costumes) annually: Rs. 700
  • For the class (6–8 dresses) every year, plus Rs. 1000 Rs 300 for a class of seven to twelve gowns every year (for Kishori Health Sanitary Napkins)
  • Rs 1500 per year for class 9+12
  • After completing Intermediate: Rs 10,000
  • Upon graduating, receive Rs 25,000.

Eligibility for Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana

The Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana’s application process requires applicants to meet certain eligibility requirements before they can apply for the plan. The details of these requirements are shown below.

  • The female applying has What are the documents required for Bihar Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana? live in Bihar permanently.
  • A family’s third girl child will not be eligible to enrol if the first two girls have already benefited from the program. Only the first two girls in the family will be eligible to get benefits from the program.
  • Married females will not be able to apply for the Kanya Utthan Yojana; only single ladies will be accepted.
  • The female candidate must own a nationalized bank account that is connected to her Aadhar card.

Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024 Required Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • 12th/Graduation pass mark sheet
  • Bank account statement
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

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How to apply online for Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana?

  • Visit the e Kalyan portal’s reliable website first at
  • On the official internet site, navigate to the “follow for Mukhyamantri kanya utthan yojana-mukhyamantri girl infant (secondary +2) incentive scheme” link after arriving at the house web page.
  • After a new page loads, choose the “click on right here to use” option.
  • You’ll be supplied with a login web page. log in to this web page by entering your registration wide variety, general range of points earned, and captcha code.
  • You will see the Kanya utthanYojana software shape after logging in.
  • You ought to now carefully fill out each query in this software form.
  • You should offer all important papers after completing the software form.
  • After inspecting the records entered in the form, ship it in.

How to check Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana’s application status?

  • Visit the official E Kalyan Portal website first.
  • Once you’ve reached the front page of the official website, click the “Apply for Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana” link.
  • To view the following page, click the “Click here” link.
  • To see the status of your application, you must now provide the registration number.
  • All of the information on the progress of your application will be displayed on your screen when you click the search button.
  • This technique allows you to see the online application status for the Bihar Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana.

The process to view Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana payment information

  • It is essential that you visit e Kalyan’s legit internet site first. it’ll now open to the house page in front of you.
  • Following this, two hyperlinks that like this can be offered to you on the primary page.
  • Link 1 (Only for Student Login and Registration)
  • Link 2 (Only for Student Login and Registration)
  • Any one of these links is open for you to click.
  • The option to “Click Here to View” is now required to be selected in front of the “Payment Done Information.”
Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024
  • Following that, a new page will appear in front of you, requiring you to input the student’s name and university.
  • You must now choose the View button.
  • You will be able to view the payment completed information in this manner.

The process to re-verify information

  • To start with, you need to visit the e Kalyan portal’s authentic internet site.
  • You will now be able to view the primary web page.
  • The hyperlink to apply for the Chief Minister woman toddler (secondary +2) incentive scheme (hyperlink-1) is positioned on the front web page under the chief minister kanya utthan yojana.
  • Now, to fix the mistake right away, kindly double-check the statistics you supplied and click the press right here hyperlink.
Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024
  • You must first visit E Kalyan Portal’s official website.
  • The main page will now appear in front of you.
  • The Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana-Apply for Chief Minister Girl Child (Secondary +2) Incentive Scheme link (Link-1) must be clicked on the home page.
  • To fix the issue right away, you must now double-check the information you provided and click the Click here link.

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Q: What is the main objective of Bihar Kanya Utthan Yojana 2024?

Ans: This program’s primary goal is to assist girls from low-income homes in finishing their education.

Q: How much amount is provided under this scheme?

Ans: Intermediate/Twelfth: Rs 25,000 Graduate: fifty thousand rupees

Q: Will money be given only to girls who pass the first division?

Ans: No, you should only pass beneath the Mukhyamantri Balika Utthan Yojana 2024. Benefits are only guaranteed if you pass.

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