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PM Shri Yojana 2024: PM Shri Yojana started, 14,500 schools will be Upgraded

Pt Shree Yojana: With the assist of our state’s top minister, narendra modi, a logo-new program to improve old faculties and deliver youngsters a modern schooling has graduated. pm the call of this gadget is shri yojana. the graduation of this turned into introduced on twitter by the excessive minister on monday, september five, 2022, teachers’ day. he wrote on twitter, “i am glad to announce a contemporary initiative nowadays on instructor’s day.” The top minister college in India might install and rebuild 14500 faculties to support the US government’s growing software sector. These might all be excellent universities that zealously uphold the national education policy. Thus, read our article to see why pm

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PM SHRI Yojana 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the PM Shri Yojana. In India, 14500 outdated schools will be renovated as part of this project. This program will introduce a cutting-edge, innovative, and all-encompassing approach to teaching in the renovated schools. This will put a specific emphasis on sports, smart classrooms, the newest technologies, and contemporary infrastructure. In his tweet, the prime minister said that the National Education Policy had changed education in the last few years. In keeping with NEP, I have no doubt that PM Shri Schools will help millions of students throughout India. The PM SHRI Yojana aims to renovate historic schools’ structures to make them more aesthetically pleasing, robust, and appealing. Some reports state that at least one PM Shri School will be

PM Shri Yojana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the All India Shiksha Samagam 2023 at Pragati Maidan’s Bharat Mandapam on July 29, 2023. During his inaugural speech, Prime Minister Modi talked about the significant changes that are occurring in the field of education. Upon the conclusion of the three-year National Education Policy 2020, he also conveyed his appreciation to the intellectuals around the nation. also disclosed the first installment’s amount under PM Shri Yojana. Under the PM Shri Yojana, the first installment of the first phase has been sent to 6207 schools selected from States, Union Territories, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. The total money transferred is around Rs 630 crore. Through this Central Government plan, 18 lakh students will profit. 27360 Rupees

The PM Shri Yojana will upgrade 1753 schools in Uttar Pradesh

The Central Government would elevate 1753 Uttar Pradesh schools to a higher level under PM Shri (Prime Minister School for Rising India). Students will also have access to a computer lab, playground, skill lab, library, smart classroom, and skill lab at these schools. The Central Government shares the vision of improving the quality of basic and secondary education. 89 secondary schools and 1664 basic education institutions have been chosen to participate in the PM Shri Yojana. Through modernizing these educational institutions, kids will have access to intelligent learning. The PM Shri Schools in Uttar Pradesh will offer a preview of every school’s educational policy.

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PM SHRI Scheme Key Features

Name of the SchemePM Shree Yojana
DeclaredBy Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Announced date5 September 2022 on Teachers Day
ObjectiveUpgrading India’s old schools
How many schools will be upgraded14,500 School
Type of planCentral Government Scheme

14,500 schools will be upgraded under PM Shri Yojana

This program will enable the renovation of some 14,500 old schools throughout India. Modern, elegant buildings, smart classrooms, sports facilities, and other contemporary infrastructure features will all receive special attention throughout the renovation of these historic schools. The design guidelines for these educational institutions will be the same as those used in the planning of the Kendriya Vidyalayas in every state in the union. The federal government would pay for the modernization of 14,500 schools, while the state governments would be in charge of implementing and supervising the PM SHRI Yojana. Under this scheme, children of common people will get a chance to get good education through upgraded schools. As a result, their future will be better and they will be able to contribute to India’s progress by receiving an education.

Objective of PM SHRI Yojana

Modernizing 14,500 outdated Indian schools is the primary goal of the PM Shri Yojana. in order to connect kids to intelligent education by giving these schools a makeover. The renovated PM Shree Schools under the PM Shree Scheme will serve as role models and incorporate every aspect of the National Education Policy. In addition, will counsel other educational institutions. “The goal of these schools will be to create holistic and well-rounded citizens in line with the skill needs of the 21st century,” stated the PMO, in addition to offering excellent instruction, learning opportunities, and cognitive growth. Now that impoverished kids may attend smart schools thanks to PM SHRI Yojana, this will provide

PM Shri Yojana

What will be special in PM SHRI School?

  • The PM SHRI Yojana’s renovated schools will have cutting-edge equipment, intelligent instruction, and contemporary facilities.
  • PMShree schools will apply all of the components of the National Education Policy (NEP).
  • These schools will serve as role models for nearby schools.
  • These schools will provide pre-primary through 12th grade education.
  • Furthermore, buildings will house state-of-the-art laboratories. in order for students to learn via experience as opposed to merely reading texts.
  • For youngsters in pre-primary and elementary school, sports will be the main focus. in order for their physical development to occur.
  • PM This effort will upgrade Shri schools to meet contemporary demands. Children will be able to learn in a cozy setting and have their contemporary requirements met as a result.


India has a great chance to increase the adoption of digital education with the PM Shree Yojana. Smart classrooms and tablet-based digital libraries allow educators to design more dynamic and interesting learning environments for their pupils.

As a result, students will be more equipped for future work, and India’s educational system will improve. Additionally, it will support remote government schools in overcoming all of their difficulties.

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Q: When was PM Shri Yojana started?

Ans: PM Shri Yojana began when? On September 5, 2022, Teacher’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the commencement of the PM Shri Yojana.

Q: What is the purpose of PM Shri?

Ans: What is the goal of the PM Shri Scheme? Through the transformation of 14,500 schools into model schools, the PM Shri School Scheme seeks to integrate them with the contemporary educational system. Children will receive excellent education through this program. Modernizing the school is the PM Shri Scheme’s primary goal.

Q: What type of scheme is PM Shri Yojana?

Ans: In honor of Teachers’ Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that 14,500 schools nationwide will receive upgrades as part of a new federally funded initiative called Prime Minister’s Schools for Rising India.

Q: How many Kendriya Vidyalayas have been selected for PM Shri Yojana?

Ans: It is expected that over 20 lakh pupils will benefit directly from this strategy. The selected school is PM Shree School 730 KV. The plan’s anticipated implementation period spans five years, from 2022 to 2023 to 2026 to 2027.

Q: From 2023 to 2027, how many PM Shri schools will be built?

Ans: 14,597 venues across the nation are anticipated to host the opening of these schools. These educational establishments will serve as prototypes. The five years that the PM Shri Schools Scheme would be in place would be 2022–2027.

Q: Which courses does PM Shri Yojana cover?

Ans: During the foundational years learning will be based on play. Light books and a tiny amount of structured classroom instruction are to be introduced at the primary level (III–V). The intermediate level will see the introduction of subject instructors (VI–VIII).

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