Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana 2024, Pension of ₹ 3000 every month to farmers

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana:- Tell everyone, please, friends! Older farmers receive a guaranteed pension of ₹ 3000 per month under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana. The Central Government and State Governments are running numerous projects through this one to raise the revenue of the nation’s millions of farmers. The PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana, also known as the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana! or made for marginal small-scale farmers! Thus, we will explain everything to you in this article today! How can the PM Krishi Maandhan Yojana help you? or to be aware that you must read this post through to the very end!

Farmers who remain at home after reaching 60 years of age are assured a minimum stipend of ₹ 3000 per month under this policy. Should the farmer pass away? Whose wife will receive the 50% pension, then? If only the husband and wife are eligible for the family pension! Therefore, children will not be eligible to receive benefits from this scheme!


Pradhanmantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana 2024

The Farmer Pension Scheme is another name for this program. The beneficiaries applying for this Farmer Pension Scheme 2024 should only be between the ages of 18 and 40. By 2024, the initiative would encompass 5 crore small and marginal farmers as part of the central government’s efforts. Beneficiaries with cultivable land of two hectares or less would also receive benefits from the Kisan Mandhan Yojana. If the beneficiary of this scheme passes away for any cause, the beneficiary’s widow will receive a monthly payment of Rs. 1500.

Payment of Prime Minister Kisan Maandhan Yojana Premium

Applicants for benefits under the Kisan Pension Scheme would also be required to pay a monthly fee. Beneficiaries under the age of 18 must pay a premium of Rs. 55 per month, while those beyond the age of 40 must pay a premium of Rs. 200. After reaching the age of sixty, only then will they be eligible to receive the advantages of this system. The beneficiary of the PM Kisan Mandhan Yojana 2024 must own a bank account that is connected to their Aadhar card. The beneficiary’s bank account will receive a direct transfer of the money granted to them under this arrangement.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana details for 2024

Name of the schemePradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana
Started byby central government
Beneficiarysmall and marginal farmers
Objectivegrant pension
Application ProcessOnline
Official website

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The Objective of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana’s primary goal is to give the nation’s small and marginal farmers financial support in their later years by providing them with a pension of ₹ 3000 per month after they turn 60. Landless farmers must be given more authority and the nation’s farmers must become self-sufficient in old age under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana 2024 (PMKMY). The goal of PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana is to give farmers social security and ensure their future so that they can all grow, meet their financial demands, and become strong individuals.

Who may not be eligible for this scheme

  • must be covered by any additional social security programs, such as the Employees’ Fund Organisation Programme, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation Programme, the National Pension Scheme (NPS), etc. (SMF).
  • The Ministry of Labour and Employment has chosen farmers to participate in the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana.
  • Additionally, the following groups of recipients with better socioeconomic status will not be qualified to receive benefits from the program.
  • Every institutional landowner
  • bearers of constitutional positions, both past and present
  • Mayors of municipal corporations, chairpersons of district panchayats, members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Assemblies, and State Legislative Councils, both past and present, have all held these positions.
  • All currently employed or former officials of Central and State Government Ministries, Offices, and Departments, as well as their field units, Central or State PSUs, and related offices, as well as regular workers of Local Bodies and employees (apart from Multi Tasking Staff/Class). Group D/IV Workers).
  • everyone who was required to pay income taxes in the prior assessment year. (f) Professionals who practiced their profession included doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants, and architects. These individuals were registered with professional bodies.

Key facts of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana

  • After 60 years of age, small and marginal farmers will receive a pension of Rs 3,000 per month from the central government under this scheme.
  • For all small and marginal farmers nationwide, the PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana 2024 is a voluntary and contributory pension plan.
  • to use this program to benefit the nation’s 5 crore small and marginal farmers.
  • The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana 2024 initiative requires applicants to be between the ages of 18 and 40. Beneficiaries of this scheme between the ages of 18 and 40 will be required to pay a monthly premium ranging from Rs 55 to Rs 200.
  • Life Insurance Corporation serves as the nodal agency in this scheme.
Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana

Benefits of leaving pension plan

  • A qualifying subscriber may withdraw from this scheme at any time within ten years of enrolling, in which case they will only receive their original contribution back plus interest charged at the Savings Bank rate.
  • If an eligible subscriber leaves the scheme before turning sixty years old but after ten years or more have passed from their joining date, they will receive a return of their contribution amount plus whatever interest they have accrued. accrued at the savings bank’s or pension fund’s interest rate, whichever is higher.
  • In addition to any applicable accumulated interest, the spouse of an eligible subscriber who has made regular contributions to the program and passes away for any reason is entitled to receive continuous payments for the plan. The subscriber will receive his share of the contribution back from the pension fund when he leaves, or he may take advantage of the savings bank’s return rate, whichever is higher.
  • When the subscriber and spouse pass away, the corpus will be returned to the fund.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate needs to live in India permanently.
  • Only marginal or small farmers are eligible to participate in this program.
  • The candidate’s age should range from 18 to 40 years old.
  • Applicants for the Maandhan Yojana must be farmers with up to two hectares of cultivable land.

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Required Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Savings Bank Account / PM Kisan Account
  • Applicant’s photo
  • Farm papers like Khatauni
  • Age certificate
  • Mobile number
Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana

How can one apply for the 2024 PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana?

The country’s small and marginal farmers who are interested in applying for the Kisan Mandhan Yojana 2024 should do so by following the instructions provided below to qualify for the incentives.

  • The applicant must first bring all of his documentation to the Public Service Centre (CSC) that is closest to him.
  • Subsequently, you will be required to provide all of your documentation to the village-level entrepreneur (VLE) and make a payment to them.
  • After that, the VLE will fill out your application form with your bank and personal information and link it to your UID card. After that, the monthly contribution payable will be automatically determined based on the subscriber’s age.
  • The customer will print and further sign the Enrollment cum Auto Debit Mandate form. Next, the VLE will upload and scan the same file. After that, a Kisan Pension Khata Number is created. Additionally, a Kisan Card will be printed.

Procedure for logging in Yojana Pradhanmantri Kisan Mandhan

  • You must first go to the official Kisan Mandhan Yojana website.
  • At this point, the main screen will be visible to you.
  • The option to “sign in” must be chosen on the home page.
  • After that, you’ll be able to see the options stated below.
    • self-enrollment
    • csc vle
  • The option that most closely matches your demands must be chosen.
  • You will then be able to view a new page.
  • This page requires you to input your username, email address, password, mobile number, and captcha code, among other details.
  • Next, you must choose the Sign In option.
  • It will be possible for you to log in this way.

Self-Registration How can I sign up?

  • Initially, the candidate must visit the program’s official website.
  • Following your visit to the official website, you will be prompted to log in to the login page.
  • For his registration to be associated with his phone number, the applicant must enter it when logging in. After providing all other requested information—such as his name, address, mobile number, and captcha code—he must click on Generate OTP.
  • Following that, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number you provided; you must enter it in this blank space. After that, you’ll see an application form on the screen.
  • You must fill out this form completely, including your bank account information and personal information, before submitting it.
  • Once the application has been submitted, print it off and store it for later use.

Entry Age-Specific Monthly Contribution

Entry Age (Years) (A)Superannuation Age (B)Member’s Monthly Contribution (Rs.) (c)Central Government Monthly Contribution (Rs.) (d)Total Monthly Contribution (Rs.) (Total: C + D)

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Contact Us:

  • Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
  • Government of India
  • Helpline: 1800-3000-3468
  • E-Mail:


Q.) What is the Maan Dhan Yojana of Pradhan Mantri?

Ans. This program is open to farmers who own less than two hectares of land. You can register for this program at any Common Service Centre (CSC) if you meet the eligibility requirements. On August 9th, this program went into effect. Farmers who complete this initiative will receive a pension of Rs 3,000 each month after turning 60.

Q.) How is the Pradhan Mantri Maandhan Yojana registration process done?

Ans. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana applications are accepted online and offline. Visit the official website, Bandhan. in, to apply online for the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana. Then, select the Services option and click on New Enrollment.

Q.) When will 2024 farmers’ accounts be funded?

Ans. The first requirement of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana is a monthly donation. The government matches your contributions dollar for dollar. For example, if you deposit ₹ 55 per month, the government will match your contribution of ₹ 55. In this way, ₹ 110 will be deposited in your account, and upon reaching 60, you will begin receiving a pension of ₹ 3000 per month.

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