Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024: Application Form, Registration, Beneficiary List and New Update

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024: India is rapidly transitioning to become a digital nation. where practically all government operations and services have been digitalized by the federal government and state governments working together. Consequently, the government of Rajasthan has launched the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024 in an effort to provide women in the state with access to Digital India. The female heads of Chiranjeevi families in the state would get free mobile phones under this plan. Since having a mobile device is essential for connecting to Digital India, (Smart Phone). This post would be extremely helpful to you if you live in Rajasthan and are a member of the Chiranjeevi family. Since we’re going to inform you in this post today.

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024

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Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024

The Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024 would be launched, according to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, during the 2022–2023 budget address. The women heads of 1 crore 33 lakh Chiranjeevi families in the state would receive free mobile phones under this plan. However, it has just come to light that all state women who possess a Janadhar card would receive these cellphones. That means that 1.35 crore women have already benefited from this plan. These phones will also come with free data for a maximum of three years. Mobile phones and internet access will be provided to women from Chiranjeevi families via the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme. in order for them to obtain knowledge on the while lounging at home

  • Under the Free Mobile Yojana Rajasthan 2024, the government would spend Rs 1200 crore.
  • At the district and block levels, mobile phones will be given to the eligible women via e-Mitra. The recipient woman would need to complete her e-KYC before receiving the cellphone.
  • Mukhyamantri Digital Seva Yojana is another name for this program.

Information about Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana

Name of the SchemeRajasthan Free Mobile Yojana
was startedBy Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
BeneficiaryWomen heads of Chiranjeevi families of the state and women holding Janadhar card
Number of Beneficiaries1 crore 35 lakh
ObjectiveProviding free mobile phones so that information about welfare schemes can reach them on time.
Fixed Budget1200 crore rupees
Application ProcessBoth online and offline
Official Websitehttps://rajasthan.gov.in/

Features of mobiles distributed under Rajasthan Free Laptop Yoajan

  • Smartphones with screens will be given out as part of the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024.
  • With a 5.5-inch display, this phone—which is made in India—will be available. It will also have a quad-core processor, 32GB of memory, and 2GB of RAM.
  • For three years, 5 to 10 GB of data would be sent to mobile phones at no cost each month.
  • The lady who would benefit will be able to utilize two SIM cards in the phone. The SIM card will be sent pre-activated in its primary slot, which won’t be moved.
  • The price range for this smartphone is Rs. 5500–Rs. 6000.
  • These mobile phones will be linked to internet services provided by well-known firms such as BSNL, Airtel, and Reliance Jio.
Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024

Objective of Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024

The primary goal of launching the Free Mobile Scheme The female heads of the state’s Chiranjeevi households will receive complimentary cellphones from the Rajasthan state government. … order to make information on all of the government-run assistance programs freely accessible to them. Because it frequently occurs that information regarding government programs and services is not received by eligible families in the state because they do not have access to a cell phone or the internet. They are therefore unable to benefit from programs and services. But now, as part of the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana, women will receive smartphones. In order for the qualified family to learn more about the appropriate

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Benefits of Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List

  • The female heads of 1 crore 35 lakh Chiranjeevi households and women with Janadhar cards would receive benefits from the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List, according to the chief minister of the state of Rajasthan.
  • All eligible women will receive free smartphones from the government as part of this program. In addition, the government will provide 5 GB of data per month for three years, as well as unlimited mobile SIM support, local and STD calling capabilities, and a mobile phone. will be made accessible.
  • The government offers all qualified women in the state the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme List 2024 advantage in an effort to supply cellphones to every woman in the state and provide
  • The state government will compile a list of all the qualified women, therefore there is no need for any of the eligible women to register in order to get benefits from this system.
  • The state of Rajasthan is going to give cellphones with built-in applications for its flagship programs. Right now, the state government is still running roughly 28 of its main programs.

Eligibility for Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024 Registration

The Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme, also known as the Mukhyamantri Digital Seva Yojana, will be implemented in stages. The plan’s initial phase is scheduled to begin in January 2024.The Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme List 2024, whose eligibility for the first phase is decided by the government, is displayed below:

  • The Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme 2024 is open to government school students enrolled in grades 9 through 12.
  • Girls enrolled in government-run postsecondary educational institutions (polytechnics, colleges, and colleges/ITIs).
  • Women getting pensions as widows or single women
  • The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme requires female heads of family to complete 100 working days in 2023 and 2024.
  • In 2023 and 2024, female heads of households would have completed 50 working days under the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  • In order to finish the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme 2024 registration process, recipients must be citizens of India.

Required Documents

  • Address proof
  • Jan Aadhar Card
  • Ration card
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo
  • chiranjeevi card
  • income certificate
  • age certificate
  • email id

Process to know your name in Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme List

The steps below can be used by any qualified woman in the state of Rajasthan who wish to see their name on the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List.

  • You should first visit the rajasthan unfastened cellular scheme listing reliable internet site. following this, the internet site’s predominant page will seem to you.
  • You need to select the Search Registration Status option on the website’s homepage. A new page will then load for you to view.
  • This website requires you to input your Jan Aadhaar number and select the search option. Your eligibility status, father’s name, and other information will then appear in front of you.
  • If it is determined that you are eligible, your name has been placed to the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List 2024.

How to check your name in Free Mobile Yojana 2024 List

The whole procedure to verify your name on the list of the Indira Gandhi Free Mobile Yojana (also known as the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana) is provided below, step-by-step.

  • You must first visit the Rajasthani government’s Public Information Portal’s official website.
  • Following that, you will need to select the plan eligibility option on the website’s home page.
  • Then, in order to view the scheme’s eligibility details, you must input the Jan Aadhar card number on the new page.
  • You will then need to pick the choice by clicking on it. You now need to choose the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Scheme option after that.
  • You will then need to select the scheme of your choosing by clicking on the appropriate option.
  • Such as Indira Gandhi Urban Employment, NREGA (100 days), and Widow Single Woman (Pensioner).
  • Pupils in grades nine via 12 at a government college
  • You may want to select the post option after choosing an alternative.
  • After then, a new page will appear to you. whereby each member is associated with your Jan Aadhar card. They will receive their call.
  • Proper now, you wish to view each member’s name on the listing. to click on on it, you need to.
  • If you are eligible for this plan, it will definitely appear on your display. As a result, the Rajasthan Unfastened Cell Plan roster now includes your number.
  • You couldUse this technique to verify your identification inside the unfastened cellular application.
Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2024

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Q: What is the free mobile scheme in Rajasthan 2024?

Ans: The Chief Minister Free Mobile Scheme, which is exclusive to Rajasthan, aims to give cellphones to all 1.50 crore women heads of households in the state.

Q:How to apply for free mobile scheme in Rajasthan?

Ans: All you have to do to register for the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme 2024 is go to the official website and follow the instructions. The names of applicants who successfully complete the portal’s online application form will be listed in the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme List 2024.

Q: When can we avail the benefits of this scheme?

Ans: The advantages of this arrangement are available to you through January 2024.

Q: Do I get a free SIM card with this smartphone?

Ans: Yes, a free card with a smartphone will be given to every beneficiary listed in the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme List 2024.

Q: For how long will you get free data and free calling facility with this smartphone?

Ans: The chiranjeevi.rajasthan.gov.in Free Mobile Scheme List 2024 beneficiaries will receive three years of free data and phone services.

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